Mysterium-Center-iconOur Vision

To be globally recognized as a spiritual center for creating inner peace and unleashing life purpose, to ultimately transform our world.

Our Mission

We are an open-minded community with authentic mystery school lineage. We provide high-quality training for individuals and leaders to access higher consciousness so they can take their impact to a greater level. Through a path of activation, healing and initiation, we support whole-being transformation. By handing down ancient tools and knowledge, we bring people from pain to passion in order to live an extraordinary life.

Who We Are

We are a collective of Healers, Initiates, Guides, Ritual Masters, spiritual teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, executives, artists, event planners, scientists, coaches, educators, writers and business owners who are dedicated to empowering people and helping educate seekers and leaders in how we can create a better life and a more balanced world.

What We Offer

We provide training in Personal & Spiritual Development, Meditation, Healing Services, Readings, Initiation, Universal Kabbalah, Space Clearings, Qigong and other forms of working with Chi/Life Force Energy, and a variety of Universal Wisdom Teachings from the 7 ancient mystery schools as handed down through the lineage and tradition of King Salomon via the Modern Mystery School.

Our main center is based in the Los Angeles area (west side), and we offer classes and services at locations throughout Southern California. If you are not located in Southern California, our network of mystery school initiates and practitioners is global. You can find a certified practitioner near you by going to