At Mysterium Center, we are an open-minded community with diverse life experiences and backgrounds. We come together as a collective of Healers, Initiates, Guides, Ritual Masters, spiritual teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, executives, artists, event planners, scientists, coaches, educators, writers and business owners who are dedicated to empowering people and helping educate seekers and leaders in how we can create a better life and a more balanced world.

Board of Directors
Theresa Bullard – President
Sonya Shelton – Vice President
Carla Weiss – Treasurer
Shauna Kossoff – Secretary
Shawn Smith – Director

Advisory Board
Gudni Gudnason – Founder, Modern Mystery School
Dave Lanyon – CEO, Modern Mystery School
Verla Wade – International Teacher, Modern Mystery School
Martina Coogan – International Teacher, Modern Mystery School

Meet Our Team