Seven Mystery Schools

What is a Mystery School?

Mysterium_Center_Seven-Mystery-SchoolsSince the beginning of what we call humanity, the most powerful knowledge and tools for human life have been shared through oral traditions all over the world. Originally, this information was widely known by all and lived in daily life.

As human life grew in complexity from tribes into “civilizations,” this knowledge was under threat and those that had the task of protecting it took it underground into Schools of Life, or what we now call Mystery Schools. There it remained, being shared in secret, waiting for humanity to once again be ready to embrace the truth of our own power and noble purpose.

Today, there are 7 Mystery Schools that continue to protect this ancient wisdom, maintaining and developing the tools and teachings for present and future generations. Traditionally, all but one of the 7 Mystery Schools are closed to voluntary enrollment each century; and this is true today.

In this class, we introduce the 7 Mystery Schools, revealing their origin and primary mission of service for the planet. To feel the energy of this service, you will be introduced to an ancient ceremony or ritual from each school’s tradition.

Spiritual Intuition

Mysterium_Center_Spiritual_IntuitionPsychic ability, a sixth sense, the gift of prophecy, clairvoyance, clairsentience — there are many names to describe this quality we simply call “spiritual intuition.” Everyone has intuition; the degree to which it is used varies from person to person. Intuition is often defined as “a knowing, without the use of rational processes.”

Everyone has this innate ability in them, and you are using it more often than you realize!

In this workshop, you will learn about the spiritual senses, how to activate them, strengthen them and building your psychic awareness and sensitivity in a safe and comfortable way. You will be handed down tools and techniques that you can practice everyday to develop your psychic abilities and consciously work with your intuition everyday.


Awaken Thyself

An Introduction to the Mystery School Lineage

Mysterium_Center_Awaken_ThyselfDiscover the Path of the Initiate! We can explore many opportunities and paths that can bring us to higher states of consciousness, spiritual awakening and empowerment. Some of the oldest and most tested methods come from the ancient Mystery School system of Initiation. For thousands of years, these teachings were kept secret and have produced some of the most influential people the world has ever known, such as Leonardo De Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, William Shakespeare, Nichola Tesla, Albert Einstein, and Carl Jung.

Many spiritual seekers find themselves upon the steps of the Mystery School, wondering what it’s all about, asking the questions of the ages, on the journey to truly knowing oneself. You may be that seeker wondering “What’s next? Where do I go from here?” The Awaken Thyself workshop opens up the gateway to the path of initiation. You can experience the essence of the ancient mysteries, connect to the energy of initiation, learn about the benefits, what to expect, be guided through meditation and ritual so you can make an educated and discerning decision if this path is truly for you.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Experience the power of sacred geometry when it is used to amplify the energy of a room
  • Receive ancient rituals for protection
  • Learn about the path of initiation, its benefits and privileges within the Mystery School lineage
  • Learn how to call down energies to use in your daily life
  • Discover meditation techniques to create your own sacred sanctuary and connect with your higher self