MAX Meditation System™

The Best of the Best Combined in One Powerful & Effective System

Now you can meditate deeply and easily with the MAX Meditation System™. Designed for maximum effectiveness, it uses a full spectrum of meditation techniques — deep breathing and body relaxation with passive, active and guided meditation. It blends ancient methods from India and Tibet with the modern sciences of psychology and NLP into one comprehensive mediation.

Mysterium-Center-Max-MeditationThis is a powerful technique for anyone, from beginners who have never meditated before to highly experienced meditators who have a regular practice. Everyone finds the MAX Meditation System™ to be easy, deep and powerful.

Benefits of meditation:

• Reduced Stress, Tension & Pain (mental, physical and emotional)
• Rewire Your Brain for More Optimal Function
• Greater Balance & Ability to Handle the Dynamics of Life
• Heightened Clarity & Creativity
• More Peace of Mind, Relaxation & Well Being
• Enhanced Vitality & Energy
• Better Self Awareness
• Greater Sense of Purpose
• Connection to Inner Guidance
• Improved Focus & Concentration
• Increased Self-Confidence

Sanctuary Meditation

Mysterium_Center_Sanctuary_MeditationThe Sanctuary Meditation is a fail-safe method to easily and safely expand your consciousness to reach the realm of your own personal spiritual sanctuary, meet with your Higher Self and receive clear guidance from with within.  This technique is a simple and effective way to access the higher dimensions of our reality and connect to our own true self and inner wisdom.

In this class you will follow a series of steps that will open and expand the chakras, evoke the 3 Sacred Geometries of Creation to create an astral vehicle, which will enable you to safely and easily ascend through the dimensions of reality. This method is a foundational practice that can be used daily or as often as needed. For the experienced or beginner meditation practitioner, this approach will deepen your personal reflection and give you access to an intense sense of connectivity with your spirit and the soul knowledge you possess within yourself.

Egyptian Gods/Goddesses Meditation

The ancient Egyptians were masters at living life full of passion, joy and abundance. Originating directly from the The Great Central Sun and the Family of Ra, they integrated their spirituality into their daily life and created a highly prosperous society that thrived for millennia. We can once again re-awaken this mastery and wisdom in our own lives through connecting with the magick and inner alchemy of the ancient Egyptians.

These meditation evenings will give you an opportunity to authentically experience direct connection with the divine archetypes, gods, and goddesses of the ancient Egyptian Tradition. Through this you can awaken their wisdom in your life.

Connection with these beings and their archetypes of creation will help you:Egyptian-Meditation-April

  • Bring more happiness, joy and passion into your life
  • Re-ignite your enthusiasm for life and remember how to live it to it’s fullest
  • Activate the flow and energy of abundance to better manifest in your world
  • Refill your cup and awaken greater creativity and inspiration from the Rays of Creation
  • Be uplifted by highly positive energy that will reignite your motivation and sense of purpose
  • Experience a sense of true beauty, sacredness, and appreciation for life
  • Access a state of consciousness beyond ordinary awareness for greater peace and inspiration
  • Gain insight into the greater meaning of why you are here and how you can manifest your full potential
  • Raise your vibration, purify your mind, and transform your soul, through true inner alchemy
  • Flow sacred energy into your life and the lives of those you touch

Each meditation night will explore our connection with a different deity from the Egyptian Hierarchy of Gods and Goddesses, and the archetype or energy of creation that they can awaken within our lives.

Archangel Meditation

This is more than a meditation…this is an opportunity to be infused with the compassionate energy and guidance that comes from the Archangels. You will be introduced to a different Archangel each time, you will be immersed in their energy field, and from this you can start to become more familiar with them and recognize their presence in your life.

Mysterium_Center_Archangel-MeditationSpecifically you will meet the Archangels that work directly with humans, whose stewardship is our world, and who are the most qualified angels for us to work with for our human experience in the physical. These angelic beings are all around us at all times and know what we need and want. They can teach us about the essential patterns of life and assist us directly when we ask for their help from a place of heartfelt desire.

Each Archangel is a leader or general of some particular energy and purpose, and each one conducts millions of other angelic forces to flow this energy and purpose to the world. So these are very powerful beings that you will have the opportunity to meet and be touched by.

  • Receive energy for healing and transformation
  • Become more empowered to accomplish your work in the world.
  • Gain guidance, words of power, and wisdom to help you chart your course in life
  • Be infused with translucent light that can penetrate every cell and density level, awakening codes in your DNA and helping you realize your gifts.

Join us for this amazing opportunity to learn and directly experience the presence of the Archangels that are here to work with us and serve our progression in life.

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